As time passed by and I grew up, I started to question the unhealthy reality of living in a material world. From truth that was truth for me,  and was different for someone else. I understood that the real truth was buried under civilizations and civilizations of human existence, and the human brain had developed and become a selfish slaughter house, taking care of just its needs, wants and desires.


As time passed by I went on moving from place to place and met more and more people, I began to wonder how every person had developed themselves into judgemental brains and had left no room for an open perception, and this damn perception was based out of technological wonders.


The human race as i understand never understood equality and took undue advantage of the gifted power of the brain to think, took over acres and acres of forests where lived a million animals and a few million species of insects and different flora. The so called Homo Sapiens   went on marking territories and boundaries taking over the what never belonged to them, and creating differences between different species and animals and even amongst themselves.  


Home to a few million animals changed to concrete jungles , with money laundering machines and slaughter houses , injecting chemicals into the roots of life trying to put mother earth into their pockets.


The greed had become so visible, so much so that the brain came out with methods and means of getting what other people have. Started the barter system, and then came in the currency, to slaughter the trees and the wildlife thriving on this innocent planet creating a comfortable place for humans a place to live.


Time and money took my friends to different worlds and I started a journey, with a feeling of belonging nowhere, where i made every moment and every place my home. Sleeping on bus stands and lost amidst the mountain, from  plucking wild onions and living on a milk from the goat of a shepherd in the mountains. It intrigued completely took me over , the sense of survival amongst the highest mountain ranges of the world and the enormous and never ending glaciers was a learning as much as when i first saw and understood light    .

the survival in the cold and the peaceful war with the mind blowing winds took my soul amidst those mountains , like it got trapped there and had found its eternal home.


My friends which i thought were as close as family as a kid ,had  now moved on with time and money and I cuddled into the feet of the Himalayas, where I felt safe in someone's heart the heart of the world The Himalayas, the brave hearts had moved on. I’d never felt the feeling of belonging to someone so close, the mountains welcomed me home.


At first I used to work across Himachal Pradesh , Manali had become my home. The people of this place made me feel as if I was lost all this while and I’d just found my lost home. The way they spoke to the simple way in which they dressed made me feel out of the material world i'd been living in. Living amongst the humble made me feel content, even if they had just about two breads to eat amongst the family they'd happily welcome you.


While walking deeper and deeper into the mountains, I started chilling with the Lamingers, counting and not letting the sheep wander off had become my understood job and food had become an understood exchange for my survival. I’d pay the shepherd Kaka Ji whatever little money i used to get from here and there by making people trek once in awhile. I used to pay him little bit for not even amounting to half of my rations, that too if i had any money. I’d sometime bid goodbye to Kaka ji and tell him that i may move out and not see him again for a while, and head back to manali but after doing a few treks and buying some local charas and rations i would get back straight to him.I knew his grazing areas pretty well so i'd usually find him after walking for sometimes 2 sometimes even 4 days.Once it so happened that it took nearly 6 days to find him, as he had come down from the higher mountains a little lower as the winters had started to begin. I’d been looking around from him in his summer grounds for 5 days without a tent or a stove. All i had was raw food , some raw eggs and an emergency blanket (a very thin reflective plastic sheet) which i got from my brother once, and i always asked him , if it was useful at all, and for those nights it literally became home to me.


The nearest road head from where i'd been living was a 2 day walk, so once in a  two weeks the shepherd leaving his entire herd with me used to  head to Manali the nearest road head and walk miles to get back food and fuel for our survival. Babloo, Kaloo, Chattan the Gaddi dogs and obviously the huge herd of a few 100 sheep and I were not alone just us  and 2 days away from where any human could reach us till Kaka ji came back with our survival goodies for the next few weeks. The feeling of being loved and taken care of the mere dogs , and sheep and the mountains, started to change my perception, and i began respecting the basics of life.   

I remember once, it had rained for 4 days continuously and we had started to run short on fuel and food. . . . . . .