We believe that any kind of sport or activity that a person indulges in must always be done with caution and proper safety. For that matter say even getting off one's bed, I'm sure no one rolls, and falls over, we place our feet firmly on the ground and then proceed. When we talk about adventure sports or extreme sports such as mountaineering, paragliding, skydiving where the person doing the activity is taking a calculated risk. Whosoever is conducting or doing the activity must take the maximum and correct safety measures available to us and use them in the the most efficient and correct manner safeguarding and protecting oneself and the participants.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for all activities and operations in process shall be available with every member of the company and every Climb Onn personnel shall be following the SOP’s as their bible. Our instructors undergo training programs conducted by professionals for specific operations and other numerous training programs conducted internally .


The equipment used for safety purpose is of utmost importance. Proper usage and proper care of the equipment is necessary. Prior to usage the equipment is check by the issuing personnel and is once again checked by the person receiving it. On field every certified instructor makes sure and double checks the equipment to prevent equipment failure. Log books for all equipments are maintained and used to replace equipment periodically.


All Field staff or technical staff hired at Climb Onn Adventures are certified by the respective government organisations for the kind of activity they conduct. For Mountaineering and Trekking all hired Instructors are at least Advanced Mountaineering Course qualified with ‘A’ Grade.  Senior Instructors are  Method of Instruction or Search & Rescue Course Qualified with Grade ‘A’ and are Wilderness Advanced First Aid certified .